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Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award
Vallásos Újságírók Nemzetközi Szövetsége
új, vallási témák feldolgozása
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ONLINE ENTRY FORM: Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award for reporting in Europe and Mediterranean basin

Új, vallási témák feldolgozását ösztönző médiaszakmai díjat alapított más szervezetekkel együttműködve a Vallásos Újságírók Nemzetközi Szövetsége (IARJ).
Pályázni a 2019. január 1. és 2019. december 31. között megjelent munkákkal lehet. A győztes 2500 eurós pénzdíjat és trófeát kap.
Beadási határidő: 2020. február 28.

The Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award, by the IARJ and Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII (FSCIRE), annually honors the work of journalists covering religion and spirituality in newspapers, magazines or news websites that publish regularly in Europe, including Iceland and Russia, and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean basin. The award was launched on 3rd March 2019 in Bologna (Italy) during the annual conference of the European Academy of Religion (EuARe). The IARJ runs this award program, presented together with the FSCIRE in the framework of the EuARe.
Goal of the Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award
The award is intended to encourage best practices in journalism, such as: timeliness of the report, accuracy and balance, reliance on a range of direct sources and proper historical and cultural context.
Reporters are invited to submit their work that was published at local, regional or international levels. We are looking for entries that demonstrate the best in journalism that shows readers the impact of religion in a wide range of issues. Examples include:
- politics and public life
- peace-building and efforts to combat bias and bigotry
- culture and the arts
- regional traditions as well as the importance of history today
- the roles of minorities in these regions of the world
- scholarly research involving aspects of religion and religious communities
- interfaith relationships
What is eligible
Applicants must have had their pieces published in mainstream media or in confessional media with standard journalistic practices in countries of geographical Europe including Iceland and Russia, and in all countries of the Mediterranean basin.
NOT eligible for this award:
- News analysis and opinion columns.
- Works originated in broadcast media and posted in their websites.
- Works produced solely by advocacy groups or for purposes of religious proselytization.
Who will judge the entries?
An international jury of prominent journalists will select the winner, who will be announced annually in the framework of the annual conference of the EuARe in Bologna. The winner will receive a cash prize of €2,500 and a trophy, both funded by the FSCIRE.
Time limits & deadline for entries
On its first edition, the Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award accepts works published between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019. Entries can be submitted any time. There is no need to wait for the 2019 calendar year to end, although entries may be submitted as late as February 28, 2020. The award will be presented to the winner in Bologna (Italy) during the annual conference of the EuARe, which in 2020 takes place in June 22-25.
Languages of entries
Entries may be in any of the official languages of Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Copies of the original articles must be included with your submission.
Important: To assist our judging panel, any entries that are not in English or French must include a faithful translation either in English or in French.
Entry fee
There is no entry fee.
FAQs: Got more questions?
We have already responded to many of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this new award. You may find your answer on that page.

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