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Meet your future partners and be part of a beyond border change!
Design Terminal
vállalkozás fejlesztés, nemzetközi kapcsolatok
Startup vállalkozások a V4 országokból
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Meet your future partners and be part of a beyond border change!

Learn the local business tricks, strengthen your ties in the region and scale up your startup internationally. If you're from the V4 countries: seize the opportunity!

Meet potential business partners from V4 region (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or Slovakia) and gain access to the global market. Dare to change and bring solutions that have a real impact on society. One startup from each of the V4 countries will be selected by Design Terminal and its local partner organizations. Two people of the selected startups join a 7-day long training and mentoring program by Design Terminal in Budapest & a 10-day long mobility and networking tour in the V4 countries.

Who we are looking for?
The startup is based in the V4 region and one of the founders has Czech, Hungarian, Polish or Slovakian nationality
The product or service can have an added value for corporate partners
Two members (at least one founder) are willing to spend 7 days in Budapest and 10 more days in the V4 countries
Startup has a real impact on society
The team has the business and tech knowledge
The startup has already an MVP and ready to work with clients
The product or service is future-proof
Their business is scalable

Learn more and apply: http://v4startupforce.designterminal.org/

About Design Terminal
Design Terminal is the leading innovation agency in Hungary. Its mission is to nurture business talent and develop the regional entrepreneurial as well as the innovation ecosystem. Design Terminal builds bridges between startups and corporations, connecting the two different business environments. They bring talented startups together with innovative companies to create value for society.

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